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Eye Exams in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Know the condition of your vision when you choose eye exams from David Weininger in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Our exams give us a visual of your well-being. They enable us to see potential health problems and detect any negative effects caused by your eyes.

Regular Exams

Eye exams should be done, on average, every one to three years, depending on whether the exam is for an adult or a child, as well as the presence of any health difficulties. Some health issues that may affect the eyes include:

• Diabetes • High Blood Pressure • Thyroid Difficulties • Rheumatoid Arthritis


Your Exam

During your eye exam, our eye doctor will evaluate the health of the inside and the outside of your eye, as well as your eye pressure. We will also check for cataracts, dryness, and immaculate degeneration.

Exam appointments can last up to an hour. This time depends on what is found during your exam.

Eye Exam, Eye Exams in New Brunswick, NJ

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