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Eye Doctor in New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Eye Exams

Contact Lenses

Eyeglass Frames and Lenses

You can depend on Dr. David Weininger to take care of all your vision needs comfortably and with the care you deserve. This includes first time and regular eye exams.

Clear vision does not have to mean glasses. Contact lenses offer a terrific alternative to typical eyewear.

Your clear vision can also come with style. Define your look with distinguished, intellectual, or sassy eyeglass frames and lenses with help from us.

Contact us in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and let our eye doctor work for your vision.

About Us

Open your eyes to clear vision and comfortable care when you choose David Weininger, your eye doctor in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Our center sees all residents of all ages, including kids.

Centrally located in New Brunswick, near Rutgers University, our office, doctor, and friendly staff strive to keep your vision clear. Here, we keep everything basic without overselling items you may not need. Our service ensures every client walks out happy, informed of their options, and with the information and tools for better vision.